- Artist Beatriz Albuquerque

- Title Score

- Medium Performance / Web project

- Year 2006

- Material list Red wool, video camera, computer & Internet.

- Duration 30 min.

- Place of event 2006, [FRAY]PerformanceInsideOut, Chicago Art Department Gallery, Chicago - USA.

- Description
The performances is developed in a framework for {screen|time|code}-based on new media. The audience could assist to the performance happening live in the gallery or access to it by the Internet. In the web site the viewer could manipulate, remix the live footage streaming in real moment into the web site, Through the click, movements of is mouse the viewers could create is own footage remix from the live streaming, becoming the viewer part integrant of the work in which he could actively participant in this creative premise. In this live-video-performance collaboration happen on real time work between the performer and the viewer.